Did you know?

Read on to find out some wild and wacky water facts!


water is powerful

  • Nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or undrinkable. Another 2% is locked in ice caps and glaciers. That leaves just 1% for all of humanity’s needs — all its agricultural, residential, manufacturing, community, and personal needs. Fresh water is either groundwater (0.5%), or readily accessible water in lakes, streams, rivers, etc. (0.01%).
  • There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed. The water from your faucet could contain molecules that dinosaurs drank.
  • Water expands by 9% when it freezes. Frozen water is lighter than water, which is why ice floats in water.

Water is connection

  • Water is part of a deeply interconnected system. What we pour on the ground ends up in our water, and what we spew into the sky ends up in our water.
  • If all new sources of contamination could be eliminated, in 10 years, 98% of all available groundwater would then be free of pollution.
  • Bottled water can be up to 1000 times more expensive than tap water and it may not be as safe.

Water is crucial

  • More than 2 billion people on earth do not have a safe supply of water.
  • Most of the world's people must walk at least 3 hours to fetch water.
  • Today, at least 400 million people live in regions with severe water shortages.
  • Freshwater animals are disappearing five times faster than land animals.

Water is wasted

  • A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 20 gallons of water a day.
  • The average total home water use for each person in the U.S. is about 50 gallons a day.
  • Two thirds of the water used in a home is used in the bathroom.
  • Each day, U.S. water users withdraw enough water to fill a line of Olympic-size swimming pools that would reach around the world.
  • Baths use less water than a typical shower. Soaking in a partially filled tub will use less water than a short shower.

Water is life

  • A person can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water.
  • 75% of the human brain is water and 75% of a living tree is water.
  • About 6,800 gallons of water is required to grow a day's worth of food for a family of four.
  • About 25% of the bottled water on the market is drawn from municipal taps.
  • Less than 1% of the water treated by public water suppliers is used for drinking and cooking.
  • The largest selling brand of bottled water (Aquafina) is treated tap water packaged by Pepsi. Coke sells bottled water under the label Dasani.

water is manufacturing

  • It takes 1,500 gallons of water to process one barrel of beer.
  • It takes 1,850 gallons of water to refine one barrel of crude oil.
  • 70% of an elephant is water.
  • It takes 120 gallons of water to produce one egg.
  • It takes 9.3 gallons of water to process one can of fruit or vegetables.